Happy New Year

Now is the time for fresh starts, new beginnings and resolutions.

Many people have said to me that they want their year to be happy, but with many variations on what will make them happy.  This got me thinking, a year itself cannot be happy, it has no emotion, we must put this in to it ourselves.  So what is true happiness.

True happiness comes from within, it doesn’t come from a new handbag, area you live in or the people who surround you.  It doesn’t cost anything and it’s yours for the taking.  Once you have it everything just falls into place, you may make changes, get rid of things that don’t fit you or your life anymore or you may even realise that you had everything you wanted all along.

In this blog I’ll be exploring happiness and ways of helping you love your life.

This week I’m concentrating on true happiness and giving you a simple exercise to put you on the right path to achieving it.


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. ”get rid of things that don’t fit you or your life anymore”…..this is a very useful tip to remember. Why clutter one life, either with mental or pysical junk.

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