First Steps to True Happiness

Finding your inner happiness can be achieved in many different ways, the simplest of them is by using Affirmations, these are positive phrases that you repeat to yourself over and over again, later I’ll give you some samples and tips on how to create your own personal affirmation, but before that lets look at how they work and what to do with them.

There are two ways of looking at how they work.

Firstly there’s the Law of Attraction or Cosmic Ordering, you decide what you want and the universe provides, you don’t have to think about it, just believe it and it will happen.

The second is for those more logical of you who are having trouble getting your head around the first.  By repeating what you want in positive terms your unconscious mind will re-evaluate the situation, on deciding that the affirmation is in your best interests it will then guide your conscious mind into actions that will achieve your aim.

So if you are trying to clear your debts you might affirm, ‘my life is full of wealth, my finances are clear and I have all the cash I need’.

The Law of Attraction believers will go off and do something else while the universe provides.

The logics may be sceptical about a lottery win, but will find themselves spending less money, looking for cheaper alternatives, maybe taking food to work.  Their conscious decisions regarding anything financial will be more considered and, dare I say it, frugal.

So, are you a believer, a sceptic or on the fence?

Tomorrow I’ll explain how to use affirmations and create your own personal ones, I’ll also give you a few samples to get you on your way to true happiness.


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