“The Limits of My Language Means the Limits of My World” Ludwig Wittgenstein

Last week I looked at affirmations and explained how you should ask for what you want, be kept in the present tense and kept positive.  This week I’m looking at the language we use, not only in affirmations, but in everyday life so you can see how important those three points are.

From the minute we are born we absorb the language of the people who surround us, not just accent but the words that are used, colloquialisms and, in many cases, positivity and attitude.  As we grow through childhood and adolescence our world starts to open up, we are exposed to more and both people, both in reality and the media.  We may start to emulate our idols, take on new attitudes through new found knowledge and by the time we reach adulthood, our upbringing and experiences will have shaped our personality.

So, do you consider the glass to be half empty or half full?

Over the next few days I will be looking at the three main points I more detail and helping you your world more positive.


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