“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it” Maya Angelou

Asking for what you want is the simplest thing to do, but get it round the wrong way and you could find yourself getting what you don’t want.  Lets look at two issues that many people are tackling in todays world, debt and diet, and the best way to ask for what we want.

The mistake many people make is in the wording, by saying ‘I want to clear my debt’ you are still focusing on the debt, the thing you don’t want, it would be far better to say ‘my finances are clear’ or ‘I am a wealthy’.

Similarly, to say ‘I want to stop eating chocolate’ is, again, focusing on what you don’t want, ‘I eat a healthy diet’ says what you do.

By spending time on the wording of your affirmations will also help you to get into the habit of saying what you want in everyday life.  It may not be instant and you will need to be conscious of what you say for a while, but it will come naturally.

Make your glass half full.


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