“All the resources we need are in the mind.” Theodore Roosevelt

Most of you will be aware that the mind had two parts the conscious, dealing with everyday awareness and the unconscious, which sits in the background and controls your emotions, stores your memories, creates automatic reactions and protects you on a day to day basis.  They work together day in, day out in blissful harmony, don’t they?

If you want to lift your arm you make a conscious decision to lift it, cue conscious mind, but who instructs the muscles and tendons what to do?  The unconscious mind.  And if a ball came hurtling through the air heading straight for you the unconscious mind will have your arm lifted to protect your before the conscious has time to think about it.

The unconscious mind is your protector, it works fast and guides the conscious every step of the way, but what happens when the conscious mind feeds it misleading information?

This week I’ll be looking at how affirmations are dealt with by the unconscious mind.


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