“A man who views the world the same at fifty a he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.” Muhammad Ali

How often do you review your opinions or plans?  Once a week?  Once a Month?  Three or four times a year?  Most of us will look at things differently when faced with new information or our circumstances change but do we give it enough consideration?

We all like to feel comfortable with our thoughts so, in our blinkered, focused state, and with the busy lives we lead, we tend to only revaluate the parts we need to, without any thought to how this affects our plans overall.  Our plans can then get disjointed and lack flow, this, in turn, can cause dissatisfaction without us understanding why.

By standing back and considering the whole picture we can streamline new views and feelings into our thoughts to compliment and integrate into our existing values and beliefs.

Zoom out, consider the situation as a whole, not just the sum of it’s parts.


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