Patience is a Virtue, true or false?

This is an old adage which has been quoted by many people, the earliest origin being the Fifth Century.  But is it true?

This week I am battling with technology, setting up new things and battling with complicated telephone answering systems, when I come across a stumbling block I am becoming frustrated, I want it all to happen now.  At the end of the day I know that the issues I have had will have meant that I have learned more and will be stronger for it.

But what if I am too patient?  What if I sit quietly and wait for something to happen without taking that initial step?

This is where pace steps in, push yourself forward and spring into action, but remember, to stop when you hit a stumbling block, stand back and look at your bigger picture, work out what is your best next step.

A. True, patience is a virtue, you just have to know when to use it.


What will your canvas look like tonight?

Think of your life like a gallery, every morning you start with a blank canvas, during the day you add colour and texture, you can use anything to paint with and stick momentos on.  When you go to bed you will have a unique and individual account of your day.  No two pictures will be the same, some may be similar and can be grouped together to depict periods of your life.

When you remember the  you tend to think of the big things, by looking at the picture you can recall the little things as well.  It is always good to stand back and see the full picture, sometimes the big things can mingle or get lost.

So, what will your canvas look like tonight?