Heads or Tails?

How many times have you tossed a coin to solve a dilemma?

And how much faith have you had in the outcome?

Tossing a coin is often misinterpreted, people take the meaning literally, “if it lands on heads I must do this, if it land on tails I must to that”.  This is not the best way to use the exercise.

The object of the exercise is to discover your true feelings about the two choices.  When the coin is tossed many will instinctively know how they want it to land, in this case how the coin lands is irrelevant, the choice is made before.

If there is no clear choice while the coin is in the air think about where it has landed, how so you feel about the choice it has made?  If you’re happy then go with it, but what if you’re disappointed?  What if you feel that the wrong choice has been made?  Under these circumstances you should go with your feelings and make the other choice.


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