It’s not the choice that matters when making a decision, it’s the attitude behind it.

People often agonise over making a decision, ‘what is the best way?’  ‘What it I’m wrong?’ ‘How can I choose?’  Of course some decisions carry a higher degree of magnitude, you would probably give more time to deciding on a career change than you would to how many biscuits to have with a cup of tea.  Or would you?

A change in career is a huge step, but what if your job was at risk of redundancy?  What if you did not enjoy you job and an opportunity arose to follow your dream?  Would the choice be easier?

And how many biscuits should you have with a cup of tea? (I say 3, 2 and I’ll go back for more, 4 and I’ll feel like a pig.) But what if I was diabetic or had some other issues?  Would things be more straight forward.

When faced with a difficult decision stand back and look at the bigger picture, what is the best interests for your greater good?

You ponder, I’ll pop the kettle on……


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