Slow down, you move too fast, you got to make the morning last. Simon & Garfunkel

A very clear message, but how many people will?

We live in an instantaneous world, we can eat fast food, drive fast cars, we are encouraged to be in the fast track and pay extra not to queue.  How many times have you seen a curved footpath and a dirt track walked in where people have cutoff the corner?  I often wonder what they managed to do with the few seconds of life that action has saved them.  We get agitated when we have to queue or wait and feel like we are waisting time, we think could be packing even more into our already busy lives.

Is that good?  Could we get more from life by doing less?  Could we learn to appreciate the things we have, rather than covet the things we don’t.  If we buy less, will we have more time to spend.  We could learn to live, rather than be alive.

The end of the song is a brilliant mantra – Life, I love you.  All is groovy.

That’s something we should all be saying.


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