Has communication killed the art of conversation?

30 years ago if you wanted to communicate with someone you could write them a letter, call them on the telephone or talk to them face to face.  Since then technology has come a long way, we can email, text, post, tweet, to name but a few.  We can cross the boundaries of time, language and distance, but with all these forms of communication at our fingertips, has conversation paid the price?

These day we see groups of people huddled together, but they’re not talking to each other, the air is filled with technological beeps and the silence of concentration where they’re on their phone, texting, tweeting, emailing, posting or playing games.

30 years ago you couldn’t wait to meet up with friends and and have a good chat and catch up, these days you don’t need to wait, you can post it all on social media or put it in a blog like this one.

Using technology is a great way of getting the word out there to a wider audience but don’t forget to talk to the smaller one.


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